Improving Carers’ Experience


Information for Mental Health Carers in East Sussex

This information is for people who are concerned about a relative, partner or friend because they may be experiencing a mental health problem.

The Improving Carers’ Experience (ICE) Project is funded by East Sussex County Council to

  • Offer information to Carers across East Sussex, usually this takes the form of courses or workshops.
  • Provide training for staff and volunteers around carers’ needs.
  • Involve Carers in supporting the project and to become actively involved in monitoring and developing mental health services locally



1. A new carers information course for 10wks from 5th April, 1.45-4pm in Aquila House, Hastings. Please phone or email for more details.

2. Carers’ Event. Cavendish House, Hastings, Wednesday 15th March 2-4pm. Come and discuss ‘risk’ with a couple of practitioners,  and how decisions around risk are made in mental health services.

3. If you support someone who has a Personality Disorder then come to an important meeting to develop the new local services and ensure that carers are involved and supported. Thurs 23rd March, 2-4pm Eastbourne Library.


Please call or email if you would like more information.

O1273 617100


MH is used for mental health and MH issue as a general description of a wide range of symptoms.

‘Patients’ is a term usually reserved for those in Hospitals and in an attempt to make the terminology less medical and disempowering there are several terms in current use, most commonly ‘Service User’ or ‘Client’ or ‘Cared-for person’.

Thanks to Gill, Maggie, Deidre, Gordon, Stephen, Julie, Derek, Ian and others who helped-a lot.

Heringtons (the solicitors) who gave us some free information.

logoSussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust staff who helped with information, corrections and suggestions and paid for this information to be printed in booklet form in 2016.  


logo-large                                    East Sussex County Council who fund the project.   



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