The Selfish Pig’s Guide to Caring’
Hugh Marriott 2003
Highly recommended!

 ‘Introducing Mental Health: A Practical Guide’ (second edition 2015) Caroline Kinsella and Connor Kinsella
Particularly good on personality disorders

Mental Illness – A Handbook for Carers (2001)
Edited by Rosaline Ramsay, Claire Gerada, Sarah Mars and George Smukler.

Our Encounters with Madness (2011)
Edited by Dr Alec Grant, Francis Biley and Hannah Walker
Anthology of personal life experiences of Mental Health Services, including a chapter by a local Carer. Dr Grant is Principal Lecturer at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Brighton


YouTube has some great films and it is worth searching for MH topics, although some are very personal and therefore worth checking before sharing them with the cared-for person. There are really effective reconstructions of hearing voices and negative intrusive thoughts, but definitely not for people who feel vulnerable already. They can be leave people feeling unsettled!

A good place to start is ‘Simon Says Psychosis’ which was made locally and is very encouraging for Carers and service users.

Rufus May and Jonny Benjamin are also interesting as they speak from personal experience and the TED talks are very useful.