Carers’ Wellbeing Plan

stress-441461__180Caring may be a daunting task, but like every job it’s easier if time is taken to plan and understand it. It’s the same process a service user will go through – planning how to cope from day to day.

(This is a much shortened version – please call ICE or check the website
if you would like the whole document.


My strengths and supports
What are my strengths and what do I value most about myself?

What do I do to support my relative or friend with mental health challenges?

What are the particular things I want to communicate with the mental health team, or others, about how best to support the person I care about?

How does the person I care for also help me sometimes?

How do other people help me and what I have found helpful about them?

Who I can talk to when I feel stressed?

What other resources do I have?

My health and wellbeing maintenance plan

What things do I need to do every day or week to keep on top of things?

What things are important to me outside of my role of supporting the person I care about?

How am I going to fit these in and what help might I need?

When will I do the things I need to do and the things that are important to me?

Do I need any help to do this? If so, what and from whom?

My health and wellbeing ‘first aid kit’
My plan for what to do when everything is getting too much for me:

How I can tell if things are getting too much for me?

Things I can do to stay OK…..

Things other people can do to help -what? who?

My plan for managing difficulties and things that upset me:

Things that happen which make me feel hurt, angry, discouraged, stressed out.

What I will do to stop it getting to me too much when this happens.

Things I can do to get myself back on an even keel when I feel upset, angry, discouraged or stressed out.

My plan for what I can do if I am in a total panic/crisis:

When the person I care about is in a crisis…..

People I can phone (and their numbers)

Other things I can do

When I am in a crisis myself

People I can phone (and their numbers)

Other things I can do

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